FAQ'S Portal

Is the entry free?
The entry has been and will always be free. All you need is a college ID!

When is the next edition of Blitzschlag?
Blitzschlag 2018 will be held from 2nd to 4th February.

How do I register for Blitzschlag?
Go to the Register tab to get your Blitz ID.

Are cars allowed inside? Is parking available?
No, vehicles are not allowed.Yes.

Is there any charge for any event ?
No, entry to all the events is free of cost, except few.

What is the artist lineup?
Stay tuned to our Official Facebook page.

Are concert passes free?
No, click here to buy pronite passes.

Who should I contact in case of emergency during Blitzschlag?
Emergency Contact number will be given on the registration booklet.

Is it necessary to have a Blitz ID to attend Blitzschlag?
Yes, it is compulsory.

Can people of any age-group attend Blitzschlag?
No, Only college students are allowed.

How do I register for Competitions at Blitzschlag? Is there any fee involved for registration?
If you do not have a Blitz ID, go to the Register and fill in your details there to get a Blitz ID. Then go to Events and use that Blitz ID to register in the required competition. Most of the competitions of Blitzschlag are totally free for anyone to participate. However the Non-MNITians will have to purchase a general admission ticket at the time of registration to get their blitz ID. Then they can register in any number of events for free with their blitz ID. The mega-events (Panache, Ramba Samba, Battle of Bands) are having a seperate participation ticket.

Are on-spot registrations allowed during the fest?
On-spot registrations may or may not be allowed depending on the number of already registered participants. We suggest you register online as soon as possible to prevent any unforeseen circumstances.

How can I attend the concerts?
You just need a ticket to attend the concert.

Am I eligible to attend a concert?
Yes! Anyone having an Blitz ID can attend a concert, provided they have a ticket.

What about passes?
You can buy tickets from here.

Can I leave and enter again?

What all should I bring along?
Nothing. Cameras, cosmetics, pointed objects like scissors, knives etc are not allowed. Make sure you bring your friends along, though!

Can I take photos?
Preferably not. You just stood in a huge queue to see it live, why ruin it just to show it to others!

Can I carry water?
There are arrangements inside for water, along with a food court. So there won’t be any need to carry water!

Do passes give me free access to food court as well?
No. Ticket will only get you inside the concert.

What type of accommodation will be provided?
Accommodation will be provided to boys and girls in well secured.

Does accommodation fee include the food facility as well?
No. The accommodation charges don’t include food. However, there will be food courts operational during Blitzschlag to cater to the food requirements.

We are a group of friends not participating in any of the major competitions and just coming to Blitzschlag to have fun. Would we be allowed?
Yes, you can definitely attend Blitzschlag by registering from your respective college. However, for accommodation you can contact the team and request for accommodation. Accommodation would be confirmed strictly subject to availability.

Will the team members be given accommodation at the same place?
We will try our best to provide you this arrangement.

What about hospital facility?
Yes, there is a 24x7 well maintained dispensary inside the MNIT Campus.

What about security?
In case of any Emergency, please call the security number provided in the website.

Can I enter MNIT campus anytime?
No, only between 7 AM and 10 PM.

Are there ATMs available inside?
Yes, ATMs are available.